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How to Enable Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reports

So You Are Looking “How to Enable Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reports” in your WordPress site.

I spent lots of time in figuring out how to enable this feature for my own site, along with my clients sites and it taken a week (I think). But, now you can do it only in 5 minutes just follow these simple instructions/steps and see your required data in Google Analytics. First thing first, you need to enable Universal Analytics in Google Analytics in order to see Demographic Data.

1- Login into your Google Analytics

2- Select the profile you want to enable Demographic and […]

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Learning How to Engage on Social Networks with Social Conversation

`Back in October 2012, I produced a video and shared it on YouTube along with a tweet on Twitter. “When we speak of making impact through conversations, there is a tendency to take a leap and believe that in order to be a High-Impact Leader you must be a great communicator. This is a faulty promise. Being a great communicator is a sometimes a gift; being a powerful conversationalist is a skill, a willful behavior learned through discipline.”

Powerful Conversations: How High Impact Leaders Communicate, Volume 282 by Phill Harkins.

In order to improve your website/blog traffic, social conversation is an important […]

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How to Synchronize Facebook and Google Calendar

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5 Tips on Getting Your Social Media Rights

In this video I wanna talk about 5 tips for getting your social media basic rights. Claiming your Social Media Rights is not rocket science, but you have to understand simple rules of marketing or social media marketing.
It is simple! Create interesting posts, think about your target audience not about your business or products or services. Share witty and appealing images or status updates.

If you can manage it by yourself that’s awesome, otherwise hire the right person or team to manage your social media outlets.

Take sometime everyday to read about latest trends happening in your industry and also in social media. […]

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How to Turn off Display Images in Gmail

Video Transcript:

My Name is Tufail and today I’m going to show you how to turn off Gmail’s new feature for tracking your emails by showing images automatically.
Gmail will no longer wait for your permission to “display images below.”
Google rolled out improvements to how Gmail handles images on Thursday, specifically related to its automatic display of pictures within emails. From now on, you’ll never see that pesky prompt again.
The message was initially aimed to protect Gmail users from unknown senders who may try to compromise the security of your computer or mobile device using images.

Now, all images are checked for viruses […]

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Five Tips to Stay Productive and Attract Potential Clients

Every­one wants to stay pro­duc­tive, want to spend less time and get more. If you are a new busi­ness owner or exist­ing busi­ness owner you may need to refresh your think­ing along with your every­day strat­egy. I am going to give you 5 ways to become more pro­duc­tive and attract poten­tial clients.
1– Stop print news­pa­per sub­scrip­tion and signup for Google Reader (if you have not yet). Go to Google or what­ever search engine your pre­fer and search for the blogs within your niche and sub­scribe to their RSS feed (not email signup because you’ll not read emails in the morn­ing). […]

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