We are Social Assistant.
A creative agency for smart businesses.

We share our knowledge and bright ideas openly, tapping into your expertise to ensure the websites we develop touch exactly the right nerve, boost your brand and impact your bottom line.

  • What We Believe.

    We believe that good people striving to build great businesses deserve to find even better clients. We believe that success lies in the relationships you choose to make. Long lasting win / win relationships emerge out of having created the right impression from the outset.
    We know that the technology underpinning your website should be entirely secondary to it helping you meet your business goals. A new website is much more than words, pictures and complicated code. It’s your most important marketing tool. We understand that the sites we create represent their future wealth, health and happiness.

    We share our broad knowledge and bright ideas openly, tapping into your expertise to ensure the websites we develop touch exactly the right nerve, inspiring visitors and boosting your brand.

  • What We Do.

    We translate complex business goals into simple, easy to use and beautiful, fresh online experiences. We design and develop websites that are appealing to the eye and emotions, easy-to-use and engaging.

    We work within a range of different industries and pride ourselves on the variety of the work we do. We continue to work with very well known British actors, comedians and television companies. As well as working with established brands, SME’s and local firms.

    We don’t limit ourselves by geography or industry. We are at our best when working with teams who are committed to the process, keen on WordPress and ready to embrace the next stage in their journey.

  • How We Work.

    We’ll always start by listening to you. We’ll spend time exploring your thoughts and priorities together. We’ll make expert recommendations to bring your ideas to life. We’ll make sure your business plan drives the solutions we come up with and informs our targets. We’ll create a sensible timescale for everyone to follow and let you know exactly what we need from you, when.

    Whether it is simplifying user journeys through a website, designing a crisp, clear and modern new site or working collaboratively with our clients – we always keep things simple. We are a WordPress Agency. WordPress simply allows our team to do deliver on the promises we make to our clients every day.


Explore our website design services and learn more about us and how we can help you make the right impression.

Web Design

There’s a lot more to web design excellence than beautiful pictures, colours and fonts. Great design drives enquiries and encourages sales, makes visitors’ lives easy, their online experiences a pleasure and your brand values crystal clear. That’s business.

SEO & Marketing

Every good web design company puts SEO first. We don’t leave it to chance. We take the needs and preferences of the major search engines into account from day one. Meaning your business gets a head start over those who ignore SEO altogether or leave it ’til later.


We always design websites on the WordPress platform, used and loved by millions of designers and businesses worldwide and the best-in-breed. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with WordPress at your fingertips. We love it, and you will too.

Graphic Design

Yes, it’s an artistic thing. But great graphic design is also a practical matter, considering what customers and prospects expect to see and hear, and providing seamless ways to enable them to act positively, whether it’s making an enquiry or buying something.


Everything flows from your brand. It informs design, marketing, tone of voice and everything else you do. We make sure your brand dovetails with your aims, desires, ideals and business personality, for an impact that’s much more powerful than the sum of the parts.

On Going Support

If you want to, you can set sail under your own steam and manage your own website into the future. But if you’d rather leave it to the experts we provide a choice of excellent Care plans designed to keep your online presence in perfect condition, future proofed, secure and bang up to date.


Tell us about your project or just say hello. Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration, let’s talk.